• Awake and Aware, LLC offers counseling for relationships that are in need of attention and healing. We believe that successful couples counseling treats the “couple” as the client. We support the couple in developing strategies for increased and effective communication, successful emotional and physical intimacy and joyful coexistence. At Awake and Aware, LLC, we define a couple as two individuals that are committed to being in healthy relationship with the other.

  • What can I expect at my first couples therapy session?

    Awake and Aware, LLC creates an individualized plan of working with each couple. Therapy begins with a thorough intake process, where the couples relational issues and goals for treatment are identified, as well as assessment of each member of the couple’s overall health and emotional functioning. We believe in the power of committed relationships and remain in service to healing relationships. First sessions generally run 90 minutes to 2 hours.

  • What does Therapy look like?

    Couples counseling can occur 1x weekly for shorter periods of time (60 minutes) to 2x per month for longer session times (90 minutes to 2 hours). Therapeutic strategies focus on the healthy functioning of the couple and may include outside homework, in session practice of new skills and supportive psychoeducation. Awake and Aware also offers a specific couple therapeutic approach called PACT , (psychobiological approach to couples therapy) which shows particular effectiveness with high intensity couples that struggle with emotion regulation and unresolved past issues that impact the couple currently in powerful ways.

  • PACT/ Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy

    PACT treatment method cultivates a sense of security in the functional relationship between couples through educating and understanding how attachment styles impact the brain, nervous system and current experience and behavioral choices.

    Couples will learn how to:

    • Understand and regulate each other’s emotions
    • Keep secure bonding with each other
    • Engage non-judgmentally

    PACT has a proven and growing evidence base for successfully treating couples that struggle with high intensity emotion and that seek clear methods and skills for improved connection within the relationship

    For further information: The PACT Institute 

  • Cost

    Couples work is a specialized therapeutic area that is often not directly covered by insurance. Awake and Aware, LLC is happy to invoice sessions so couples can submit directly to their insurance company for reimbursement. Our administrative team will work with you to make the process as seamless as possible. Fee schedule outside of insurance: $125.00/hr