• Acupuncture

    Acupuncture as a healing modality dates back over two thousand years, with many of the foundational concepts dating further back. The longevity of this practice speaks to its resilience and effectiveness. Acupuncture continues to grow and thrive here in the United States as it makes its presence known in integrative health clinics, detox centers and the Veteran Affairs hospitals. Awake and Aware, LLC incorporates the use of this powerful healing modality to address physiological concerns as well as mental and emotional issues. 

  • How Does Acupuncture Treatment Work?

    Perhaps the simplest way to describe how Acupuncture works is through the concept of Qi (pronounced Chee).  Qi is often understood to mean “energy” as it is described as an immaterial and motive force that exists within all things.  Early on the Chinese theorized that there are specific ways in which this energy moves in the body. Essentially they ascertained that there are channels, or “vessels” within and through which Qi flow.  In a state of health Qi flows as it should, and one lives in harmony with the surroundings.  Disruptions in the flow of Qi , however, came to be understood as the primary source of pain and illness. These blocks are said to manifest from injury, poor diet, weather changes, pathogenic factors, strong emotion, or over- taxation of the body and mind. Over time, theories of the particular ways in which Qi moves in the body evolved and influenced practitioners over the centuries thus gradually developing into the ideas and practices that inform Oriental Medicine today.

  • Why Acupuncture for Trauma?

    Most people who have had an acupuncture treatment can attest to the fact that it is very calming and soothing.  Most individuals quickly fall asleep, and most generally feel a greater sense of ease in the coming days.  Modern science has shown that acupuncture elicits a cascade of chemicals in the body that are known to relieve pain and settle the central nervous system.  We also know that acupuncture profoundly affects the flow of blood (and thus oxygen0 in the body providing much needed circulation to all areas including the brain and vital organs. But Acupuncture not only de-escalates a stressed body but 

    Applied skillfully, acupuncture can also effect one’s awareness and consciousness.  Classical Chinese Medicine offers methods to release stored emotion, memory and trauma.  And there are methods to engage the deepest level of one’s being to align the conscious self with the deeper aspects of one’s destiny and purpose.  As an integral part of the trauma healing process, it can reap profound benefits. Awake and Aware, LLC is committed to ensuring each individual is treated in accordance with their clinical needs.

  • What to Expect

    At Awake and Aware, LLC, clients will fill out a very thorough history of signs and symptoms, family medical history, history of trauma, etc…. prior to treatment.  This questionnaire provides valuable information to the acupuncturist who will then follow up with more specific and targeted questions.  Following this interview the acupuncturist will feel the patient’s pulses to gauge what channels or treatments might be most effective.  Then the tongue will be observed to gauge the relative strength or weakness of Qi , blood, and body fluids. Additionally the tongue reveals the relative state of Yin and Yang in the body and whether Heat or Cold might be a contributing factor in a patient’s “dis-ease”.  If the client and treatment team ascertain that acupuncture or even herbal therapy would be beneficial then this will become part of the individual’s treatment plan.