• Awake and Aware, LLC treats adolescents and families that recognize that health and healing is a family affair. We operate from a systems perspective, which orients around the idea that all family members play a crucial role in family balance. We offer Family Therapy & Adolescent Counseling as well as a more intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy Adolescent Program.

    Adolescent and Family Counseling

    Growing up is hard. Whether it’s the physiological changes or the shifting social and emotional landscape, It can be difficult to determine whether or not an adolescent feels that they have it all together or whether they might need a little help. Adolescence is a powerful period of change and growth that happens in a relatively short period of time. The increase in responsibilities, pressures, academic goals and social/relational desires can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and at times unclear how to manage. Awake and Aware, LLC specializes in the specific needs of adolescents and their families. We recognize that a little help can go a long way.

    Adolescents that seek counseling may do so for any number of reasons such as:

    • An adolescent recognizes that they are behaving in ways that scare or confuse them OR a parent has recognized change in their adolescent’s behavior that concerns them.
    • Thoughts seem more overwhelming, school deadlines intensifying, responsibilities increasing and skills to manage seem far away or are unknown.
    • Their parents are divorcing or separating, there has been a loss of a loved one, a parent is on active duty and is gone for extended periods of time.
    • Social relationships are bringing up feelings of being less than or inadequate. This can look like bullying, depression, anxiety, emotional eating and/or obsessiveness with food
    • Intense feelings that don’t seem to go away and that feel unbearable and hopeless.