• Paying for your treatment at Awake and Aware

  • Health Insurance Reimbursement 


    The cost of your treatment at Awake and Aware can often be offset by insurance reimbursement. Our staff will work with your insurance company to verify your benefits and provide a detailed summary of costs so you can apply for any reimbursement available to you based on your plan. 

    During your intake process, we will review costs and payment options that fit your financial situation. This includes financing options may be suitable for you.

    Our primary goal is to help you or your loved one find peace, health and lasting recovery from the effects of trauma. We know that the best route to true recovery is to treat the underlying issues that are the source of your alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD or suicidal thoughts.

    We at Awake and Aware applaud you for taking this important step on your path to recovery. We’ll work with you to find the best financial options as well as therapeutic solutions. 

    Call us at (505) 503-7946 and speak to Linn Mollica learn more. 




    Those looking for financing may want to work with M~Lend Financial. This independent company works with revolving credit card companies such as Capital One, Citibank or Discover so that qualified borrowers receive 0% interest for at least 12 months through one of their credit cards. Interest is charged on any remaining balance only after the first 12 months. Rates start in the low teens based on credit history, typically 10-18%. They can also offer installment loans for various credit levels if needed.

    Many people use the rapidly acquired financing with no interest charges for an extended period as bridge financing until other long-term debt arrangements can explored, such as equity lines of credit or asset liquidation, which tend to take more time than the urgency of admission will allow. 

    Depending on the amount financed, you may decide to leave your payment charge on the card, take advantage of the free interest, and pay it off as quickly as possible. 

    Call us at (505) 503-7946 and speak to Linn Mollica to learn about all of our financing options.