• DBT Counseling Overview

  • Individual Psychotherapy

    Do you find yourself at a crossroads? Perhaps you are experiencing anxiety or are concerned that you might be feeling depressed. Relationship difficulties, work and family concerns, addictions or unresolved grief may be impacting your day to day life. If you are struggling to decrease overwhelm or questioning your direction in life, we can help you. New roles such as mother and fatherhood, ...

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    Adolescents and Family Counseling

    Awake and Aware, LLC treats adolescents and families that recognize that health and healing is a family affair. We operate from a systems perspective, which orients around the idea that all family members play a crucial role in family balance. We offer Family Therapy & Adolescent Counseling as well as a more intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy Adolescent Program. Adolescent ...

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    Couples Counseling

    Awake and Aware, LLC offers counseling for relationships that are in need of attention and healing. We believe that successful couples counseling treats the “couple” as the client. We support the couple in developing strategies for increased and effective communication, successful emotional and physical intimacy and joyful coexistence. At Awake and Aware, LLC, we define a ...

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